THE CAGE – One-Hour Drama, Supernatural
A struggling father riddled with self-doubt crosses paths with a local sheriff as a pack of werewolves wreak havoc in a small Minnesota town and is forced to find strength and faith within himself if he is going to survive for his family

DREAM WALKER – One-Hour Drama, Supernatural
When the fears and nightmares of all those around him begin to manifest into reality, Jacob, a young man rebelling against his coming of age, must accept his role as a Dream Walker, a person capable of communicating between the waking and dream realms.

FORGOTTEN – One-Hour Drama, Western Noir
Former detective Shane Reed wakes up in the desert town of Salton City missing five years of his life and on parole for a murder he doesn’t remember committing. Now he must investigate the mystery behind his missing years, while serving his sentence in the town that time forgot.

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