The Interview: Part 1

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By Christopher Opyr



Interviewee (Overlapping)

          … told me he was a medium.


Interviewer (Overlapping)

          Okay. Start of interview —




          [Interviewer stops mid-sentence and looks up to interviewee. A young woman in a light yellow sundress and a white cardigan.]

— Excuse me?




          The answer to your question. She always told me he was a medium.




          Please wait for me to ask the question.




          Sorry. Um… when you’re ready.




          Okay. And please be careful of ums, uhs, like, etc. They usually have to be edited out, and it can be jarring.




          Understood. Um… sorry. I’ll watch out for it.




          Thank you. And don’t worry too much. Really. It’ll happen, but it’s normal. Just as long as it’s not over the top.




          Thanks. I’m ready.




          Okay. Start of interview with Claire McKimmon of Chico, California. It is Tuesday morning, April 5th, 2017 and we are here in the Hotel Diamond. Claire, tape is rolling, and I will be recording everything that you say. I know that we have, already have your image and story release, but for the record, please verify that we have your permission to record this interview.



Claire McKimmon




Parker Harris

          Could you please state your answers as complete sentences, rephrasing the question. My questions may be edited out, and the audience will need to be able to understand your response.



Claire McKimmon

          Okay. My name is Claire McKimmon and you, Parker Harris, have permission to record, edit, and distribute this interview.



Parker Harris

          The company has permission actually. Could you try that again?



Claire McKimmon

          Of course. My name is Claire McKimmon and Bad Moon Productions…

[She pauses casting Mr. Harris a questioning look]



Parker Harris

          That’s correct.



Claire McKimmon

          And Bad Moon Productions has permission to record, edit, and distribute this interview.



Parker Harris

          Thank you. So my first question —



Claire McKimmon

          The one that I already answered?



Parker Harris

          Yes. Earlier, you told me about your parents. In particular you told me how your mother described your father. Could you repeat what you told me then?



Claire McKimmon

          Yes. My mother used to say that my father was a medium.



Parker Harris

          Used to say?



Claire McKimmon

          She passed away last year. Shortly before the incident. I’m sorry. I didn’t repeat your question. Would you like me to try again?



Parker Harris

          No. We can edit it. Thank you.

[A second man taps Mr. Harris on the shoulder and whispers into his ear.]


[Mr. Harris pauses while he is relayed information from the second man. The man passes him a few notecards, then Mr. Harris turns back to Claire.]

My apologies. We need a few lines for the top of the interview. Just a few necessities for story structure. Okay?



Claire McKimmon




Parker Harris

          [Glances over notecards then looks up to camera.]

My name is Parker Harris with Paranormal Investigations and tonight we delve into the horrific past of clairvoyant — Jesus who writes this shit?









Parker Harris

          [Takes a seat, straightening his tie, and adjusting his microphone.]

Okay. We’ll try this again.



Claire McKimmon

          I’m ready.



Parker Harris

          This is Parker Harris with Paranormal Investigations. Tonight we are speaking with Claire McKimmon, a clairvoyant, a witness to the paranormal, and the sole survivor of the Edelmayer haunting, which took four lives in the rural city of Chico, California on the tragic night of January 12th, 2016.

[Mr. Harris pauses glancing down at his notecards.]

Shit. It says horrific here, not tragic. And I got the date wrong. Shall I go again?




          We’ve got enough. We’ll fix it in post.



Parker Harris

          Good. Okay then.

[Turns to Ms. McKimmon.]

Claire, may, I call you Claire?



Claire McKimmon




Parker Harris

          Good. Claire, I’m going to ask some questions about your history, so that the audience understands your expertise. Okay?



Claire McKimmon




Parker Harris

          Excellent. Tell me about your family history.



Claire McKimmon

          Well, my father was a medium, as I’ve said, and —



Parker Harris


— Sorry. Please, as if this is the first time you’ve been asked. We could use either cut, depending on which works better in the edit bay.



Claire McKimmon

          Sorry. Really, I’m not used to Hollywood interviews and all that. When it comes to the media, I’m usually lucky if anyone even takes me seriously enough to ask a few questions. Most of the time, no one reaches out to me unless they’re desperate – unless they have nowhere else to go.



Parker Harris

          That’s good, really good. Hold on to that thought. We’ll want to get back to that.

John, did you all note that in the log?



Director – John Maertens

          Keep rolling. Elise?



Story Editor – Elise Garing

          Season 1. Episode 4. Claire McKimmon Interview. Shot 2. Camera B. Around three minutes forty-five seconds into the interview.



John Maertens

          Good. We got it. Parker?



Parker Harris

          Excellent, Excellent. So Claire, as I was saying if you could run by that line again?



Claire McKimmon

          About my father?



Parker Harris

          Yes. Tell us about your family history.



Claire McKimmon

          My mother raised me, for the most part. My father, he passed away when I was very young. Um… I was seven years old when he died. I remember him, but fuzzy-like. You know, an image here, a story there, but not with great clarity. As I got older I asked about my father a lot. I guess I wanted a connection to him. In his absence, he could be, how do I put this, an ideal. I don’t know if you’d say a Platonic ideal, but I placed him on a pedestal. I needed, I wanted someone to idolize, someone that was perfect, more than perfect, that, I don’t know, could ease the pain of an awkward childhood… that could give me something to aspire to, um, some notion of a better life. Does this make any sense?



Parker Harris

          It’s good, but could you come back to what you told me earlier, at the start of the interview.



Claire McKimmon

          Of course. When I was young my mom, she used to tell me about dad. She said he was a medium. She’d tell me that he’d help anyone that came to him – a real crusader. He didn’t make a living at it or anything, didn’t advertise it, but he was a true as day medium – not one of those charlatans.



Parker Harris

          Could you explain that? What is a medium exactly?



Claire McKimmon

          Sorry. I typically assume that’s common knowledge. By the time people find me they are pretty versed in this area.

[Mr. Harris gestures for Claire to continue.]

Well, how do I put this… a medium can commune with spirits. He or she is connected to both the world of the living and the world of the dead. Although as my mother would describe it, it was more than that. It was a connection to a crossroads, a nexus between polarities – the living and the dead, the waking and the dreaming, the past and the future, the real and the unimaginable. Anyone could connect to it, and often we do, especially in dreams, but only mediums were in tune with it – able to see into that vortex and commune with those crossing over.

Actually hold up. Let me try that again. That’s somewhat misleading.



Parker Harris

          Go on.



Claire McKimmon

          Most mediums commune with the dead, plain and simple. When my mother spoke about the nexus, about the crossroads, and seeing into the infinite polarities, she spoke only about my father – about his particular nature as a medium. He communed with the dead, like any medium, but he also did more than that as well. He saw into worlds that we weren’t meant to see.



Parker Harris

          What do you mean by that? By worlds we weren’t meant to see?



Claire McKimmon

          I —

[The lights flicker and dim. Claire pauses.]



Parker Harris




Claire McKimmon

          It’s nothing. Just, uh, some crazy thing my mom said.



Parker Harris

          That’s okay. I think our audience would be interested.



Claire McKimmon

          I told you. It’s nothing. Really.



Parker Harris

          We can judge that in the edit bay. If it’s nothing, we’ll cut it right out. I promise.



Claire McKimmon

          I thought I was here to talk about the haunting.



Parker Harris

          Of course. Yes, you are, but trust me, I know a good story when I hear it. I want to know more about this nexus. About what we aren’t supposed to see.

[The lights dim and flicker again. Claire tugs at her microphone]



Claire McKimmon

          I don’t really feel comfortable talking about this.



Parker Harris

          Okay. Okay. That’s fine, Claire. We can move on for now. You mentioned having an awkward childhood —



John Maertens

          — No. Go back to the previous question.



Parker Harris

          [Glares at director. Avoid using this shot.]

John —



John Maertens

          — We just need a few sound bites. What else did your mother say about this… this, how did you describe it?



Claire McKimmon

          No. No, I’m done.

[Claire removes her microphone. She continues talking but the audio is inaudible. She appears agitated. Avoid this shot.]



Parker Harris (Overlapping)

          [Avoid this whole scene.]

She can’t do that. Can she do that?



John Maertens (Overlapping)

          Please put your mic back on.



Claire McKimmon

          [Inaudible response. Stands and exits frame.]



John Maertens (Overlapping)

          You have a contract Ms. McKimmon. You back out now we’ll —



Parker Harris (Overlapping)

          We don’t have to talk about it, about this crossroads —



[Technical – 4K light pops. Sparks enter shot. Crew runs for cover. Holy shit, this take is gold. USE THIS.]


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