September 2018 Status Update

I realize that I do not post to this site much at all anymore, but if you do enjoy my writing, I am still very much active. You can find my work at my wattpad account still completely for free. I post every week and am currently posting from both a full-length horror novel and a full-length science-fiction novel. The latter you may remember, The Silence of Alium, which I started on this site. There are now 15 chapters available to be read on Wattpad.

So why did I leave here for the wattpad community? It was a matter of built-in audience. Here I can build from scratch, slowly clawing my way to a dozen readers, whereas there I found a built-in audience of millions of readers looking for original fiction. There is a high engagement rate and my audience there is growing quite nicely. As such, that has become the primary place to find my most recent work.

That said, I will still be swinging in here from time-to-time as updates become necessary. Happy Reading, All!

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