November 2016 Status Update

By Chris Hutton

          The second of my monthly status updates…


          Last month I had entered into the thick of managing my online presence.

    I had:

  • Created professional social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Created a professional channel for Arcas on Facebook
  • Established a blog to provide content to my audience (You’re reading it)
  • Joined the Scriggler writing community
  • Completed a horror short story – Seeing is Believing
  • Drafted three blogs posts on writing
    I was in the middle of:

  • Establishing my online brand with audiences of:
    • 127 Facebook followers
    • 17 Arcas Facebook followers
    • 487 Twitter followers
    • 106 Instagram followers
    • 3 Scriggler followers
  • Building my presence on the Scriggler writing community with:
    • One Scriggler story post
    • Admittance to one club
    • 505 persons having read my work on the platflorm
    • Achieving a #12 ranking on the story chart for September
  • Building my blog audience, which had:
    • Been viewed by 133 unique users
    • Had 492 pageviews
  • Working on my writing with:
    • Ten pages complete on my next comic book idea
    • Two parts of a new science fiction short story complete
    • Forward movement on my partnership contract
    • Around 35 pages of the Arcas graphic novel completed by illustrator and collaborator, JC Thomas
  • And I intended to:
    • Double my social media audiences
    • Finalize my partnership contract
    • Finish the Inflow science-fiction short story
    • Draft a new horror story
    • Begin another serialized story
    • Resume work on my iZombie Spec


          So how’d things go? Well, let’s see where I’m at completion-wise first. Since my last update I:

          So overall, I finished the two stories that I intended to finish, expanded my toolset for social media management, wrote two new blog posts, and expanded my presence on Scriggler. However, I failed to resume work on my spec script and did not finalize my partnership contract. As for the other items on which I intended to work…


          …well let’s jump into that.

Metrics for my author’s platform:


  • My official page held roughly steady with a gain of 3 followers for an audience of 130
  • My Arcas page also held steady with no gain for a total audience of 17 persons


  • Gained 546 followers for a total audience of 1033 followers


  • Gained 22 followers for an audience of 129

Scriggler Profile

  • Gained 2 followers (up to 5 now)
  • Had stories admitted to 2 more clubs, spreading my presence across 3 clubs
  • Seeing is Believing has now been viewed by 714 persons, climbing to #9 on the Story charts for September
  • Inflow has now been viewed by 485 persons, climbing to #4 on the Story charts for October
  • Last Call has now been viewed by 223 persons (place on November charts unknown)

My blog

  • Has been visited by 293 unique users
  • Has had 857 pageviews

          As far as social goes, I hit my goals with my twitter, but fell short on all other platforms. As twitter was my focus for October, I’m counting this as a win.

My Writing:

  • Finished part one in an original horror short story, In Memoriam
  • Am moving forward with my partnership contract
  • Am pushing forward with Arcas promotion, releasing samples via my blog:

          That being said, I met my goals for writing progress beginning another serialized story, and am continuing progress on my contract and my first graphic novel.


          So where do I go from here?

          I’m going to continue my twitter focus and aim to grow the audience of my author’s platform, while pushing out new original content for my blog, and somehow finding time to continue work on my non-blog posted writing.

          In total, I aim to:

  • Increase my twitter audience by at least 50%, but will push to double it
  • Increase my Facebook and Instagram audiences by 50% each
  • Double my Scriggler audience
  • Find ways to increase audience engagement on my blog
  • Finish writing In Memoriam
  • Draft at least one new short story from scratch
  • Begin another short story
  • Write at least 3 new blog posts on writing
  • Resume work on my iZombie Spec
  • Resume work on my next graphic novel script
  • Resume work on my first horror novel
  • Begin compiling my horror short stories into a potential collection

          Despite not meeting all of my goals last month, I’m feeling ambitious once again and have definitely increased my goals for the month ahead. This ought to be fun.


          So another month done, and my list-crazed mind has pumped out one more of these insanely bulleted updates. Eek. If you’ve read this far, well I guess you’re really interested in what I’m up to with my writing. Thanks. If not, well, you’ll never see this line anyway, so let’s just stop there.

          Happy Writing, All!

P.S. – I may be opening up a terrible can of worms here (or no can at all if this gets nothing bug crickets), but if you have any thoughts on what you would be interested in reading about for new blog posts, suggestions for methods of engagement that you would like to see integrated into the blog, thoughts on increasing my social media presence, or ideas around types of stories that you would like to see written, please leave me some comments. Thanks, again!

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