June 2017 Status Update

          I’ve decided to change things a little this month. In the past I’ve gone through a lengthy update of where I was a month ago, what I accomplished in the previous month, the things on which I had made progress (and what progress that was), and what my next steps were for my writing. That’s really coming across pretty dry and way too detailed. So, moving forward I’ll just give a top level of where I’m at and what I’m doing.

          First off, I was absent from this blog for roughly six months. My bad. Completely. I’m working to guarantee that this does not happen again.

          Moving on from that obvious point, what’s going on with my writing:

  • Ablation is complete: The final segment of the story (part 7) will post on June 5th. For anyone who bore with me on this story during the long gap, thank you!
  • Two new horror stories underway: The first story is looking to be a true short story for once, coming in at 1-2 installments and likely 5,000 total words. That will post mid-June. The second story is looking to be 5 parts (~10,000 words) and should post late June into July.
  • Arcas nearing completion: Art is nearly done and I’m working on a few revisions, polishing the script.
  • Novelette by late 2017: I have a horror novelette, Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh, with final edits underway. My hope is to have it published by late 2017 and available as an e-book.
  • Short Story Horror Anthology: I am cementing plans for publishing an anthology of horror shorts. This would include material from this site (but having been vetted through additional edits), and previously unpublished material, with close to a 50/50 new to reprinted ratio. I am about 10,000 words shy of a 70,000 word minimum goal, which I foresee crossing by July. Edits will likely take six months to a year depending on availability of editors, and some additional connective tissue is being drafted. With that being the case, I expect a late 2018 publication.
  • Horror Novel underway: I am about 35,000 words into my first full length horror novel. It is too early to predict a completion date, but I am considering posting chapters to this site as I get further along. I would love to know if there is interest in reading it chapter by chapter as I push through the first draft. Feel free to sound off in the comments.
  • Co-written Sci-fi Comic: Finally I am also collaborating as a co-writer and creator for an additional science-fiction comic. My writing partner and I are in the early stages of this project, but I hope to have more updates soon.

          There is probably a little I missed, but that’s enough for now. If anything in there strikes your interest, chime in. I’d be happy to discuss. Bye for now.

          Happy Writing, All!

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