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          I won’t be pushing a traditional post today.

          Part Two of my Plodding, Perilous Quest for Readers blog will be updated soon. I have spent most of the past three weeks exploring a writing community, and have used my usual blogging time in delving deep into that platform. I hope to have strong enough an understanding of strategies within that service to soon add those details to the Periolous Quest blog post in a meaningful way. So, in what is a fairly long stretch now, I continue to delay this post to ensure it actually is drafted to my satisfaction. More soon.

          My Friday post, however, shall not be impacted. Part four of The Dark Beneath will post then.

          Happy Writing, All!

I’m Back…

By Chris Hutton

          My absence from this blog has been overly prolonged and for that I apologize. While admittedly, I created this blog for my own edification and as of yet only maintain a small readership, I had dedicated myself to this endeavor and I take that commitment seriously. Whether I have one reader or hundreds, each of you deserve consistency in the service (fiction) that I offer.

          That being said, originally I had intended to take merely a couple of weeks off while traveling with my family for the winter holidays. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks became a few months. When I returned in January my entire household had caught cold and in particular my illness persisted well into late March. Between illness and work, my writing had to take a backseat.

          That time has passed. I am happy to announce that my writing has resumed and that this blog shall be returning to a consistent update schedule for the foreseeable future. In order to ensure that this consistency is provided, I extended my absence while creating a two-month backlog of content to protect against any future unforeseen circumstances that might disrupt my writing.

          I hope that you enjoy the coming blogs, short fiction, and comic samples as much as I enjoyed creating them.

          Happy Writing, All!


          UPDATE: Returning in May

          My blog will not be following its normal schedule for the next couple of weeks. I will be taking a short break over the holiday season, and while I will be finishing Ablation before December ends, I will not be posting my normal Friday blogs. The normal schedule will resume on January 6th, 2017. In the meantime, have a Happy New Year and a good holiday season!

          Also, enjoy this random picture of my cat, George, because I couldn’t think of anything else to place at the top of this post.

          Happy Writing, All!