Arcas – Sample 3

© Art by JC Thomas from ARCAS

Below you’ll find the first 5 pages of the upcoming graphic novel Arcas, beautifully illustrated by JC Thomas. These pages correspond to roughly the first half of the script pages from Arcas – Sample 1.

Arcas International Space Station

Arcas page 1, illustrated by JC Thomas

Panning from entry ladder down spacestation corridor into central as laughter can be heard

Arcas Page 2, illustrated by JC Thomas

Pan into dining area across bolted down chairs and into common room

Arcas Page 3, illustrated by JC Thomas

Pan through common area by entertainment viewing corner, workout area, and to a Foosball table

Arcas Page 4, illustrated by JC Thomas

Pan out of common area, into a view room with seats facing screens that show the Jovian system.  Voices over each panel. Voice 1"You Cheat" Voice 2 "You lose poorly" Voice 2 "You're up." Voice 3 "I'm busy" Voice 2 "Too bad. Time for R & R, Gant."

Arcas Page 5, illustrated by JC Thomas

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