I’m Back…

By Chris Hutton

          My absence from this blog has been overly prolonged and for that I apologize. While admittedly, I created this blog for my own edification and as of yet only maintain a small readership, I had dedicated myself to this endeavor and I take that commitment seriously. Whether I have one reader or hundreds, each of you deserve consistency in the service (fiction) that I offer.

          That being said, originally I had intended to take merely a couple of weeks off while traveling with my family for the winter holidays. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks became a few months. When I returned in January my entire household had caught cold and in particular my illness persisted well into late March. Between illness and work, my writing had to take a backseat.

          That time has passed. I am happy to announce that my writing has resumed and that this blog shall be returning to a consistent update schedule for the foreseeable future. In order to ensure that this consistency is provided, I extended my absence while creating a two-month backlog of content to protect against any future unforeseen circumstances that might disrupt my writing.

          I hope that you enjoy the coming blogs, short fiction, and comic samples as much as I enjoyed creating them.

          Happy Writing, All!

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